Thoughts on Review Ratings

I am going to try to change my reviews. And you ask why? Well, because I think giving it a 7/8 or 9 is very basic. 

I might enjoy a anime but think that in terms of art but it may suck on the story. It may be the most beautiful anime ever produce but in terms of enjoyment or plot may be bad . So, I am going to try to change to five 


Story - Plot-wise - plus I will tell here if it is self contain or needs a sequel.. Sometimes that's pretty boring. You start watching an anime and after 24/25 episodes you finish but there isn't a sequel... I will make that note here.

Art - How good the Art, drawing or animations are, 3d techniques and other stuff

Sound - Music and Voice Actors. Music is something I rarely don't pay that attention BUT voice acting is something that may be a dealbreaker for an anime..

Character - Well development of the characters and how deep or evolve they are/become..

Enjoyment - how much I enjoy and why. It may be one of the worst animes in terms of story but it still make me watch and enjoy.

And Of course An Overall.

Of course it's mine opinion and is worth well... something.

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