TV Series: Hammer House of Horror (1980)

You all know I enjoy horror stories. You all know (or should know) I enjoy "bad" endings. Usually I don't hope for the good guys to win... (in movies at least) and one of my goals where to watch not only the Kaiju Movies but also Hammer Horror movies... So, this was the way to start... I watch Hammer house of horror

Basically it's small movies. They are not connected in any way besides most actors here have been in some way on their movies. This series had only one season back in 1980 (my year of birth...) don't know why since it felt it was a good anthology. Maybe it isn't cost/profit viable. 

Nevertheless advisable. Some stories could be made into a full time movie and others could have been made in 30. That's my only complain. Some felt rush and some felt it missed something. 

"Witching Time"
This first tale is about a witch that is striking horror into the occupants of an old farmhouse. Very interesting and with an evil ending. 

"The Thirteenth Reunion"
There is a cradle of filth music that says... For Beauty is always Cruel. Well this is something like that mixed with other stuff. A reporter is investigating some strange deaths in an health farm. Another evil ending. I won't say that bad ending because you would think I didn't enjoy it...

"Rude Awakening"
This tale is about a man who dreams about killing his own wife (no, he actually dreams that). And every time the dreaming is different but always involves a strange House and a secretary. This is  more a of a psychological terror.

"Growing Pains"
Well this tale is kind of a odd. A boy died and so a couple adopt a new boy. But then nothing is quite like their own son. The research is also very important here.

"The House that Bled to Death"
This story is quite interesting in terms of physiological horror. Some horror accident happened in that house and now new inhabitants appear. Unfortunately a cat died :(

"Charlie Boy"
This was very strange story about an African idol and making Makumba/Vooddo a real deal. Interesting story with a good (not in a happy way) finale.

"Children of the Full Moon"
This is a very interesting story about lycanthropes. I really enjoy the first part of the story but didn't enjoy the second half and finale. Simple story.

"Carpathian Eagle"
This is possible one of the best stories. Based on Erzebeth Bathory and a remote kin and killing starting to happen. I already knew the ending but nevertheless it was a good story. Really enjoy about the hunts.

"Visitor from the Grave"
This was probably the most psychological tales of them all. A woman starts seeing stuff and think she is crazy. Really interesting ending.

"The Two Faces Of Evil"
This was some crazy bat shit... (Guano, right?)
A family gives a lift to a sinister hitch hiker and after he attacks the driver they crash. The husband (the one driving) was very hurt and the hiker died. As the episode progress the wife starts wondering what happened and which is which. Interesting tale... but one that you've seen it coming right from the start.

"The Mark of Satan"
This is probably one of the best episodes of the series. A mortuary man becomes convinced that a conspiracy of evil is afoot. He starts seeing the same number everywhere. Nobody believes him. But is it true or is it all on his mind? 
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