TV Series: Walking Dead Season 1, 2 & 3 (Long Review)

Warning! ---Heavy Spoilers--- Warning!

I am going to review the Walking Dead Season 1, 2 and 3.
I've watch Walking Dead season one back when It came out. But then something happened and I stop watching it. I don't remember what. 

So what are my initial thoughts? This series is great in terms of Character development. They act like human beings and change a lot in the span of two seasons (We are talking in under 20 episodes (first season has 6 and the second has 13).

In terms of Pace it sucks a lot... There is a lot of drama but with little action. Okay I understand that this is series focusing on characters BUT there are time we need action.

Favourite characters
My favourite with no doubt is Daryln. He is an anti-hero like there aren't many that borders chaotic side. 

Characters - Season 1,2 & 3
Maggie, Glenn, Daryl, Rick, Andrea, Sasha, Governor, Carol, (don't know who's that behind Carl, Tyresse (back), Beth, Michonne & Hershell...

Rick Grimes - Police Officer
Lory Grimes - Wife of Rick (Died by the hand of Carl after bloodloss of child birth)
Carl - Son of Rick
Judith - Daughter of Rick. Born in Season 3.

Shane - Police Officer

Morgan Jones - Help Rick. Wife is Jenny & Duane is the son.

Glenn - Korean
T-Dog - Never particular interesant character. Died in prison in season 3. Saved Carol
Dale - Van owner - Mercied by Daryl after being bitten by a zombie
Jacqui - Suicide in the end of season 1.
Jim - Suicide after being bitten

Sophia - Carol's daughter. Lost in season 2. Later found out that it was turn into a zombie. Mercied by Rick.
Ed husband - Abused Carol while alive. Killed by Zombies Season 1
Merle - Killed by the Governor. Mercied by Daryl
Andrea - One of the most important characters between season 1 and 3. Suicide in the end of season 3 after being bitten by zombie.
Amy - Killed by Zombies. Mercied by Andrea

Hershel - Farm owner. Father of Beth and Maggie.
Beth - (17? - first one to take care of Judith)
Maggie - (Glenn girlfriend)
Other people on the farm - Killed by zombie (including Jimmy; Patricia) Otis was killed by Shane.

Michonne - Katana Wielder girl
The Governor
Several other people in the governor group - not that

West Georgia Correctional Facility
Axel & Oscar join the group but are both killed. One after saving Glenn and other after the Governor attack the prison.

Tyresse & Sasha (Brother and Sister) 
Allen & Ben (Both killed

Season 1

Season 1 is very short season. There isn't that much to talk and my least favorite season. Rick wakes up and finds himself alone. He is helped by Morgan and his son. Afterwards he goes to Atlanta to find himself caught up by zombies. Glenn and his scavenger group saves him. Merle after being a "dick" is left alone chained in the roft. They return to the camp, outside Atlanta, just to find that Rick wife and son were there. Shane (Rick cop friend) has been being the leader and it seems screwing Lory. Lory now hate Shane because Shane lied saying that Rick had died. 

Rick, after an initial confrontation with Daryln and feeling obligated about having left Merle there goes back to the city. They don't find him there having cut his own hand. Meanwhile Glenn is kidnapped by some mexican dudes and after an innitial confrontation it seems the mexicans were helping old people on a retirement home.
Andrea is force to kill a zombified sister...

After they return to the camp they are attacked by zombies and several people died Ed included; Carol's husband.

Then they leave to get to the CDC, where they hope to find a cure, just to find that there is none. After an initial help, the CDC is left without power and with it comes self destruction. Jacqui decides to died with the remaining doctor who says to Rick  that there is no cure and we all carry the disease and it doesn't matter that we die by bite or disease. They will turn.

Season 2
I will miss Dale - Sorry Brother
Season 2 is very focus on characters and there isn't that much happening. Basically Sofia loses himself in the woods and they start looking. Carl is shot by a man (by mistake) and they brought to a farm. While Rick stays in the Farm, Shane goes into the Town with Otis (the man who shot Carl) to bring stuff for surgery.

This season we see in great plan Shane changed to a bitter angry man. He wanted to take over Rick but after he returns he is put aside. In episode 4 or 5 he purposedly shots Otis so he can escape to safety. He turns into the main antagonist. Well, long story short it seems Hershel  (the farm owner) thinks that the undead are just sick so he keeps the undead in the farm. For almost half the season they are debating about Rick group staying or not.
Zombified Sofia

Andrea is another character rid with guilt and pain. First her sister died and turn (when the camp went overrun) and then when she tried to commit suicide by Dale coerce her not to do it. Meanwhile Daryln start being the right hand of Rick while at the same time struggling because of her brother. 
Glenn start dating Maggie (Hershell daughter) and being Lori confident about her pregancy. T-bone is there. Carol suffers because of her daughter disapperence and then they find out that she was in the barn with "Hershell" zombies - Daryln help her building a relation with her (not romantic). Dale is the voice of the reason for the all groups.

Carl in season one and two is shown as a brat. He continually do stupid stuff putting people in jeopardy. The turning point is on season 2 (almost the last episode) while outside playing he watches a zombie but doesn't kill him running away. A zombie (the same one Carl couldn't kill), bits Dale. Daryln mercy Dale.

In the last episode Shane tries to kill Rick but instead is killed by Rick and as a zombie is killed by Carl. Then the zombies overrun the farm and they escape leaving Andrea stranded help by someone.

Season 3
Carl kills her Mom after she gives birth...
This season is the first 16 episode season and it's divided into two. We either follow Andrea (in the Woodbury town) with the Governor & Michonne and the other part is set on a prison as the Atalanta group discovers and tries to take over a prison after their continuous run for several months.

Sincerely there are some great moments but most of this season is character focused. First we've got Andrea (who is torn between the Atlanta survivors & Woodbury) and Carl who changes from a scary little boy always screwing up to a more resolute young man - later his methods and actions are rash and almost irresponsable. Carl is so resolute in his change that he even kills Lori (her mother after she gives birth to Judith - she was going to died so he mercied her).

Glenn & Maggie continue their relantionship and ome of his/her actions change along the series after being capture by the Governor. 

Daryl change for a almost erratic and solo guy to be right hand of Rick. After his brother apperance he changes and leaves the prison. Later on, and after being with her brother for one episode he turns back to the prison.

Merle, well this character receive a good part on the series. Innitial he is the right hand of the Governor and capture Glenn and Maggie and beat the crap out of Glenn. Later on the group hates having Merle on the prison BUT it's either that or they won't get Daryl who they all love and depend.

Carol is there. I cannot say that much about her. She develops a relantionship (althought not physic with Daryl). Hershel is bitten by a zombie but Rick quick response cutting his leg saved him. He is the voice of conscious of the group - I think he substitute Dale. T-Dog was there since season one. He died bitten by a zombie after saving Carol.

If Rick is the main character (no doubt about it), both Michonne, Andrea and Daryl get the second part

Interesting Episodes/Moments
There are a lot of very disturinb moments, some I put here in photos... 

- Episode 1 of Season 1 - The first episode makes the tone of this series... The part where Rick kills the zombie girl is quite sad... For a moment I almost cry for the zombie...
- Episode 2 of Season 1 - The appearance of Daryl
- Episode 3 of Season 1 - Frustated Shane beats Ed. Merle hack off hand
- Episode 4 of Season 1- The Gang that wasn't a what you think it was... Amy dies...
- Episode 5 of Season 1 - Andrea is forced to kill his sister... Arriving at CDC
- Episode 6 of Season 1 - There is no hope... Shane tries to rape Lori... Dale saves Andrea forcing her to escape when she wanted to died... 

- Episode 1 of Season 2 - Sophia escapes the zombies into the forest. Most of this season is focused on that search. And Carl is shot.
- Episode 2 of Season 2 - The Farm. The new guys (Maggie, Hershel and Beth).
- Episode 3 of Season 2 - Shane shots Otis to save himself... If we all knew shane was crazy now we have the confirmation... Carl is saved.
- Episode 4 of Season 2 - Lori is pregnant... but by whom? probably Shane's....
- Episode 5 & 6 & 7 of Season 2 - Sophia is nowhere to be found... What to do. Stay in the farm or leave? Should they threat the farm owner? Sophia in the last episode is found to be in the barn alongside the other walkers Hershell didn't want to kill.... To a dismayed group only Rick steps up and mercy her.
- Episode 8 & 9 & 10 & 11 of Season 2 - Hershell realizes that he was fooling himself and drinks himself almost to dead... Dale is the only one who is against Shane... Andrea is blinded (not figuratively) by him. Rick captures a boy from another group... hostile group. Dale realizes that he is the only one (with Andrea) who is against killing the boy. Everybody else is in favor... They decide they won't kill the boy. Rick and Shane take blows with one another... the riff continues to grow... Dale is bitten by a Zombie and without hope of saving Daryl kills it... In the last episode I think it was the first time Daryl "joins" the group instead of being a rogue one... no pun intended.
- Episode 12 of Season 2 - Dale turns and tries to kill Rick but is killed by him.  Carl later kills a zombified Shane. Which unfortunally is shot draws a horde of zombies to the farm
- Episode 13 of Season 2 -  The horde invades the farm and some people died including Jimmy, Patricia & Randall... This last one was killed by Shane but turn into a zombie. Rick then tells the group, finally, that no matter how they died they will turn into zombies... As they escape and all are turning into Rick he says that if they are going to stay with him with will not be a democracy... Very interesting words...

- Episode 1 of Season 3 - Prison Cleansing... Michonne and Andrea are friends... 
- Episode 2 of Season 3 - Off with his leg (Hershel's). It seems it's a way to bit the zombie plague.. Carol perfoming C Sections on walkers... Damn that was ugly..
- Episode 3 of Season 3 - The Governor appears...& Derle is back
- Episode 4 of Season 3 - Michonne is rather suspicious of The Governor. Andrea is enamoured by him. T-Dog dies...& Carl kills Lori after she gives birth to her child.  This episode was rather upsetting...
- Episode 5 to Episode 16  of Season 3 we see a rather changed Rick as he tries to cope with her wife death, the new Carl and his changing and the Governor threaten. He often sees Lori in distance... 
- Episode 6 & 7 & 8  of Season 3  We see several clashes between both survivors & the reunification of brothers Merle & Daryl. Michonne is the mix of it all and she even kills a zombie girl (which is the Governor's own daughter & blind him). 
- Episode 9  of Season 3 - They all leave Woodbury and The Governor becomes a crazy boy (but still with full confident of the town...) They also find new guys in the prison (Tyress & Sasha and the other survivors) Rick then turns them down expelling them from the prison...
- Episode 10  of Season 3  Was dedicated to Brothers Daryl & Merle then save Rick.
- Episode 11 of Season 3 - Andrea retunrs to her old gang and is in doubt on what to do...~
- Episode 12 of Season 3 - The return of Morgan Jones (the guy who saves Rick in the first episode and the dealings with his coping with her own son demise...) There is also an interesting hitchhiker who asks them for help two times and is ignored. When they are going back they saw him dead, killed by zombies & take his backpack with them... Cruel world...
- Episode 13 of Season 3 was really interesting. The two parts (prison and town) are sit on a table to negotiate a truce. Meanwhile outside people from both groups talk and mingle sympathizing one another. They know and talk that today they are here talking and tomorrow they might receive orders to kill one another. Very interesting perspective on War. Andrea is thoughtful.
- Episode 14 & 15 of Season 3 - Finally the Governor show is true colours and arrests Andrea. Merle do Rick dirty work by taking Michonne and exchange her for peace. Rick and the group then steps back on her intentions but by this time Merle & Michonne are already in route with the Governor. Merle in the end releases Michonne and tries to take the Governor's group single handling... He is then killed by the Governor and mercied by his own brother in a heartbreaking moment...
- Episode 16 of Season 3 - Finally the final confrontation. Andrea is bit and then commits suicide. The Governor after an failed attempt kills most his followers and escapes. Rick brings a lot of survivors to the prison. Lori visions disappear. Carl shots a young boy rather coldly after he had raised his own hands...

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