Audiobok Review: Doctor Who: The Wheel In Space by Terrance Dicks

Doctor Who: The Wheel In Space Doctor Who: The Wheel In Space by Terrance Dicks
My rating: 5 of 10 stars

Quite good story.

This tale sets the return of Doctor Who to space. They arrive at a ship of huge dimensions that is drifting through space. Cyberman is our evil doers and this is also the first tale with the new companion Zoe Heriot, the Librarian. I really enjoy Zoe. She has an eidetic memory. A child wonder. In this story Jamie has a more important role.

You won't get more about cybermen than you already know. They are evil and want to conquer the earth. Mind controlling is getting a bit... usual. The last couple of books I read someone has their mind taken over by someone. It's quite... annoying?

Nevertheless... interesting reading.

"You can't deny the facts. It's pure logic." -Zoe
"Logic, my dear zoe, mere enables one to be wrong with authority." Doctor

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