Book Review: Allison Hewitt Is Trapped by Madeleine Roux

Allison Hewitt Is Trapped Allison Hewitt Is Trapped by Madeleine Roux
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

This book was a little different than I expected. First of all I should have read it online for free (even without the last chapters). That's point number one.

This is YA Zombie Fiction. Expect a women trying to survive a zombie invasion while dealing not only with their normal problems (food, shelter and security) and at the same time trying to work out her heart problems.

1) Roux wrote a book quite different from other writers but at the same time there isn't anything new. Confusing? Ok, so you've got a main character that deals "Where do I go if I want to go the toilet?" Try to remember the last book where a character in a hostile enviroment had to go to it. No? Try to remmeber a post apocalpytic novel (there isn't any running water)... Not one, right? So how would they do it? Put their ass out of the window? Where in the walking dead they do it? Not mention right? Roux nail it.

2) The other good thing about it's the blog existence. It's quite interesting. Every couple of days the main character wrote on a blog and people (Who had access to the internet) wrote in it.

3) The Main character - Alisson. She is quite a good character that evolves. In the beginning she has way of being more submissive but as the days pass she turns to a full growth woman with opinions and strong. She makes her own decisions. I really enjoy the evolution until the end.

4) The Preface and the Epilogue. This two parts give a lot of information about the world. It seems that "nowadays" (decades after the incident in the novel) the zombie infestation is contained or irradicated. But the Epilogue made me mad. I didn't enjoy the ending (read my criticism) but the epilogue made me mad in a good way. (view spoiler)

5) The writing. Fast but at the same time had moments of slow motion as our main character introspects.

1) The Ending - I din't enjoy it. Quite frankly. (view spoiler)

2) Other characters - They are not developed as good as Alisson. They are just there. Strange as half the book when she goes to the school to band with other members they accept her from the start and the commander or leader befriends her from day one.

Side Notes:
1) The existence of an working internet without password. Dubious but okay.

2) The zombies. They are just there. That's it. Not a criticism and neither a compliment. There are two types of zombies in the main character perspective and that's it. This novel if focus on our main character and her problems not on the zombies. You could take off the zombies from this novel and it would be a post apocalpytic fiction and only a couple of parts of the book would had to be change.

3) The Crazy People. The Wives...

4) The Dog. Good doggie. Nice Doggie.

Final Thoughts 7/10
In the end I like the book but I don't know if I am going to read the next one. It's a different character... Maybe if the book cost less than €6.

Yes. To people who like a strong main character and a different way of writing a book.

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