Book Review: Cartas na Mesa by Agatha Christie

Cartas na Mesa Cartas na Mesa by Agatha Christie
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

This was another good Agatha Christie book. With four suspects we find ourselves embroiled in their lifes. Everyone of them as a reason and probably has killed before. Who was it? I really enjoy the book since we are presented not only by Herculae Poirot but also from other characters from other books... Ariadne Oliver, Superintendent Battle and Colonel Race.

This was probably the first book, from Agatha Christie, that I found out who the murder was.

This is a quick read with only 200 pages (in portuguese) where the main antagonist is jailed but two of the other three members suffer from their past crimes. One drowns and other hang himself. The other, even if he killed someone, is found out not guilty so Agatha Christie gives him a "happy" ending.

There are several instances that other characters and poirot give information about other works (even the solution from one of the crimes).

Agatha Christie to me is as always a quick easy and safe read.

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