Book Review: Covenant by John Everson

Covenant Covenant by John Everson
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

This was an interesting and fun reading. I say this because of all the reviews I saw here that this book was sex all the way. Well it was not that sex involved. Well it had sex. A good horror story (movie or book) has a sex seen. This one had more than most.

It has rape scenes so to the faint of heart beware.

This novel deals with a reporter that after making a harsh decision leaves the city and goes working in a local newspaper where no "big" news will be presented... until a serie of suicides draws his attention. Then the same thing happens as other horror novels. The town people warns that he must stay way but he (Joe Kieran) wants to investigate.

It seems the town have a personal daemon that draws every year a victim, usually from outside town but it seems that now it's taking some children from the very town. It's quite interesting the tale and the supernatural it's excelent.

For some time you wonder if this is another scooby doo tale where there isn't any supernatural involved but "it" starts talking with each character. Interesting is that this daemon is quite powerful, even capable of using the body of several people at a time.

The rape scenes as I said are almost and handful and it helps the plot. First with Angelica with Kieran, then Angelica when she tried to leave town, then with Cindy, then the all bunch of six girls and in the end a couple more occasions.

I enjoyed the supernatural, as I before and it had a backstory behind that help a lot the flow of the story.

The ending leaves an opening to a sequel (and I will buy it someday).

With less than 300 pages is a fast paced book that will leave you satisfied if you like this type of horror.

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