Book Review: House of Fear - Anthology

House of Fear House of Fear by Jonathan Oliver
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

This was an interesting reading.
I don't know why but usually I am not a big fan of short stories but I am afraid delving into a mammoth book of 600 pages or multi-books series, even at the same time I want to read several series I've got here. But since the other way I slept in my mother's home and having no books to read I started this one and what and it was a bag of mix feelings.

'Pied-A-Terre' by Stephen Volk is a nice tale about the purchasing of a house. I really was interested in the tale even if a bit predictable (reminded me of a gothic tale of the old days). It seems it had some truthful in it.

'In The Absence of Murdock' by Terry Lamsley is a tale that very much nods its head to Ramsey Campbell and Jules Verne. Although it is set in modern times, it does lean itself to a very Victorian feel. The final paragraph lends itself to a classic Victorian ghost story with true invention.

'Driving The Milky Way' by Weston Ochse was in interesting view on the term "house". House is where your heart is I guess. Nice interesting tale that delve into friendship and regret. Good tale.

'The Windmill' by Rebecca Levene has a supernatural setting about a convict and his odd partner in the cell. Good characterization by Levene.

'Moretta' by Garry Kilworth was a good tale set in rural england (Gothic story again) with a lovecraftian feeling.

'The Dark Space in the House in the House in the Garden at the Centre of the World' is God/Paradise setting with nice twist in the end. I enjoy the "God" parts more than the humans. (it's strange, you've got to read it to understand what I am saying).

'An Injustice' by Christopher Fowler is one of my favourite. It left me breathing hard until the very end. It's depressing and you will live as the main character. Believe me when I say that. It left me sad. Good Tale Mr Fowler.

'The Room Upstairs' by Sarah Pinbourough it was a nice tale about a robber as he stay in a haunted house as he waited for orders. It was a nice horror story with a good happy ending.

'Villanova' by Paul Meloy is a okay tale that is safe by the ending which leave you breathless. The ending apart deserves a five star rating.

'The Doll's House' by Jonathan Green is a horrifying tale that will grab you by your throat even if a bit predictable in the end.

'Trick of the Light' by Tim Lebbon was a good tale and other that will make you wonder about love and what means to have a haunted house.

'What Happened To Me' by Joe R Lansdale was a fitting ending. It starts slowly and you get a Arthur Machen/Lovecraftian horror tale. It was a good tale about a tale that is "True".

In the end I was satisfied and a couple of these writers are very good and probably I will try reading other tales by them.

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