Book Review: Murder in Three Acts by Agatha Christie

Murder in Three Acts Murder in Three Acts by Agatha Christie
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

No doubt a good Agatha Christie novel. Couldn't figure it out who the killer and I was suprised. I really was.

My problem with the book was the lack of... Herculae Poirot. More than half the book has no Poirot in it. The "play" is set by three other characters. Mr Satterthwaite, Sir Charles Cartwright and the lovely Egg.

This book doesn't lack characters with their own motifs but several of them are quite bland with no interest.

It was a gush of fresh air to see who the murderer was. Who have thought that Sir Charles would be doing the murderer... even if out of love. But murdering his wife and one of the best friend? No love is greater than that. It remind me of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. 

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