Book Review: Zombies and Shit by Carlton Mellick III

Zombies and Shit Zombies and Shit by Carlton Mellick III
My rating: 9 of 10 stars

Some minor spoilers ahead:

If this was a ten stars review this would get nine. But as it is five star systems I will give it five because the book was brilliant with only one thing I didn't like.

This book is a mix between Battle Royale with Zombies. AWESOME!
Couldn't be better.

I even made a excel with the twenty participants and their respective weapon, affliation, friends and such from before and who killed who or was killed. That's how much I enjoy it.

descriptionSo for start everyone started in a hotel and must go to a place to pick up by an helicopter. Only one can leave by it. So, you've got take care of the zombies (who by the way you can have a conversation. As a human turns into a zombie you can have a full conversation with it, as he tries to eat your brain at the same time, aftewards only the word "Brains" or "Cerebros" in case of a mexican zombie)

So as you leave the hotel you get a unique weapon just for you, a map and some rations. Mine would be:

So in this group you have punks (of course the "heroes"), Merc Punks or Mongols, you've got prostitutes, a writer some scientists and such. You've got even a suprise.... (view spoiler).

You've got some interesting way of telling things. From the start you don't know who is going to end up winning and you start rooting for someone just as he is killed or turn zombie. That's it. Everytime you pick a favourite....

Every character had a good story behind. One of my favourite was reading about the Mongols culture of a body with three parts (A head who thought and commanded and two arms who were connected almost telepathictly).

Of course Heinz, the nazi was another interesting character. Gogo the zombie fvcker ruled (a disgusting peturbing way). Nemesis and Haroon link was also a top notch.

descriptionThere are twenty chapters, each one centered in a particular character. It didn't meant he died there but we learn more about him/her. Each paragraph starts in the present day and another chapter we are in recalling their history. In no way confusing at the same time making me read faster and faster.

My favourite characters were probably Scavy along with Heinz.

My only complain was the inclusion of a historic character. Well not the inclusion per se but the changes he got. (Read the book).

I really enjoy this novel. I search but I think this was a only one book on this "reality". I really wanted to see more of it. The satire of humankind, classes, religions, TV and everything else is presented here not in a way that you thing that the writer is giving you a lesson.

Recommended to anyone who wants to read a zombie novel, punk, sex, post apocalpytic novels or likes "The Hunger Games". Now read a grown up novel.


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