2017 Review (Half-Year)

6 months have passed since the beginning of the year. I must say it was an excellent year in terms of watching anime and tv series. Not so much on movies.
Books, well that’s another show.

In terms of animes I watch 1020 – that’s a staggering 5,7 episodes per day! Finish 105 animes series (69 Series & 36 Movies or OVA).

TV series I watched 218 episodes – that’s 1,2 per day and only 53 movies.

All together I watched 1287 shows – which gives us 7,2 per day!!!
This last four months were the best ever with 955 shows which give us a ratio of 8 per day!

In terms of books I’ve read  14 books (roughly 2,33) per month. Which is a lot better than last year I must say – if it wasn’t all the audiobooks I would have read the same amount of this year! 

Let us do better this next 6 months!!!

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