Anime Review: Gin no Guardian (Spring 2017)

This anime was one of the most disappointed of all season. In the beginning I was really enjoying it. A 12/13m episode and the story was really good.

Basically it was the story of a boy and a girl that play a game and he knew who she was in real life but she didn't. He was some "noble" blood student and he was a boy who work several jobs and homeless. He play using the campus electricity.

I really enjoy that thing because they came together as a good pair. Unfortunally the game they play was destined to be closed down so they try to play as much time as they could. After the game close a new game started and then I thought I lost some episodes and got really confuse about the plot and goal. 

The girl was kidnapped (in real life) and so he had to play that a new game to get her back. But the last 4/5 episodes were really disappointing and made me wonder what a heck was a I watching. At times I thought I wasn't watching the same anime. The anime ended, not at a cliffhanger but really opened wide. Basically there was no "small" ending or something akin to a cliffhanger as to give us hints that a second season is in the making. 

From the creators of To Be Hero I was really disappointed by it. A second season will come, and I will probably watch it BUT it doesn't help on my review. 

(First 6/7 episodes)
Story 6/10
World Building 7/10
Character Building 8/10
Animation/Art 7/10
Sound 8/10
Enjoyment 6/10 

(After the 7th episode)
Story 3/10
World Building 4/10
Character Building 3/10
Animation/Art 7/10
Sound 8/10
Enjoyment 2/10 
Overall 4/10


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