Anime Review: Hinako Note (Spring 2017)

What can I say from this anime? 

You don’t know anything about theater? Watch it. As I watch it I had the feeling that I was watching Long Riders all over again. As Long riders felt that the MC were teaching about riding a bicycle this one it seems they are teaching me on how to make a theater trope.

The animation is different but at some points I even thought they were the same voice actors and studio but alas I was wrong. Long Riders! Was made by Actas whereas Hinako Note was made by Passione – the same studio that made Rail Wars (one of the my first animes since my comeback). They also made Rokka no Yuusha which I have in my to read list. I also have the light novel.

It’s no wonder that both animes, in terms of score in MAL have 6.44 and 6.82. Just realize that this two animes really look like Urara Meirochou as well.

What they are alike?  Well for start they are both only female cast; both are dummy guides; both are light-hearted with comedy situations.

One interesting bit is the fan-service that is available.  After some episodes we get some glimpses of Hinako body and then we’ve got some costume/cosplay situations where we see them in lewd positions. I can’t understand the purpose of this. I like lewd situations BUT there are some animes that it feels wrong and this is one of them. Long Riders had one or two situations as well. I bet it’s standard situation. Oh and what about the busty 9 year old club advisor? Odd…

The characters are good and likeable.  The sound also shines on this anime with the intro and ending music. Throughout the series there is always an ambient easy almost comforting music. The high pitch voice the actress have at points bothered me.  We’ve got Kuina (who eats books and likes to be dressed in animal outfits); Mayuki (blond girl who is very upset with her height and always wears a maid outfit); Chiaki the landlady but supposedly is older than the rest BUT still goes to the school with the rest of the gang and in the last half of the series Yua who was first a rival and then a friend. And Ruriko the girl who I said it had 9 years and breasts bigger than everyone else (except the landlady).

About the animation/art – well it changed a lot. Half the episode they were normal and half the episode they were drawn as chibi figurines.

 One of those animes that don’t stand out in anything, but in the overall is an OK! anime to watch.
Ops, forgot to tell you about the plot… well two or three lines are sufficient. A country girl comes to the city to enter a high school where she can perform in a threater and overcome her shyness. As she enters a used bookstore she meets several friends and together they will make a theatre trope and help Hinako overcome her problems. 

Story 4/10
World Building 4/10
Character Building 6/10
Animation/Art 6/10
Sound 6/10
Enjoyment 5/10 
Overall 5/10

PS: I just remember another anime this one looks alike in terms of “Dummy guide” – Amaama to Inazuma – It’s the dummy guide to parenting food or just food and Gi(a)rlish Number is the dummy guide to voice acting.

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