Anime Review: Kabukibu! (Spring 2017)

First of all I am going to say two things in confidence. I already had seen some kabuki in some Japanese movie but didn’t knew the name of “kabuki”. The other thing I wanna say it’s a bit of shameful… when I watch the first two or three episodes I didn’t enjoy it. I thought of giving up.  But I didn’t want to give it up because it dealt with something that that is Japanese history and very particular to them so I made an effort and watched a couple more episodes then stopped. Now at the last end of the month of June I thought – what a heck I am going to finish it off and as I watched I start to enjoy and a feeling of nostalgia and serenity passe

d through me and I watched the last four episodes in one sitting.

What’s this about? Well, as Hinako Note is a dummy guide to theatre Kabuki-bu is a dummy guide to Kabuki; a classical Japanese dance-drama (theatre) – very famous in the old days but since then fell in disuse. Of course there are companies and people who do it but for what I learn with this anime, the people who make them, are usually families that do it for generations like the Circus.

There isn’t much of plot, basically it’s a young boy who watched Kabuki with his grandfather and wanted to make his own school clube and there he meets several people that join him making that dream come true.

There is plenty of comedy on this anime but not over-done as to change our concentration from the making of kabuki to a humor anime.

Since the plot is overly simple, the shows focus on the characters. There are half-dozen of them and all of them are important to the success. In no way Kurogo comes out as a savior or something like that. The backstories of the characters are interesting, but probably reduced to a couple of them. There is some gay character and someone who wanted to be a rockstar and even one boy from Kabuki families that thinks that he is better than everyone else. Oh, there is also a very popular girl who Kurogo convinces her to make Kabuki – supposedly Kabuki is male only club…
About the Art/Sound – Ah… the actors here had to learn about Kabuki because the way they talk is way different than “normal” theatre or so. I really enjoy how they do it.

Story 4/10
World Bulding 7/10
Character Bulding 6/10
Animation/Art 6/10
Sound 8/10
Enjoyment 6/10

Overall 7/10 
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