Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) (Season 2) (Spring 2017)

What can I say about an anime that I love the first season? 

This second season felt really short comparing with the first season. I gave the first season a 9 but I must say this season it dropped.

Well let us start.... in the last season we learn that Eren could transform into a titan but also there were others that could do it. We also learn that inside the walls there were "sleeping" titans. Meanwhile they were trying to go to the first wall and try to perceive what Eren was and what could he do.

In this season, I don't know if the problem was putting out only 12 episodes, it felt really short. Okay we found out who was the Armoured Titan and King Titan (or something like that) that broke down the walls in the first city.

So what did this anime gave us besides that? Well we learn that some people came from outside the walls & we also learn that normal people were transformed into titans. We also see a new titan - a monkey kind of titan full of hair.  There were some boring episodes that gave nothing new and basically was Eren and other characters monologues. 
I think they could have done better and maybe condensed those 12 episodes into 7/8 and give us more story. But, that's not what happened. 

In terms of of Art and Sound I can't say much was at fault but I think there are better animes out there. Some 3D animation (the horse's chase) was truly awful.
I still love Mikasa! The only good character this season.

Story 7/10
World Bulding 7/10
Character Bulding 6/10
Animation/Art 7/10
Sound 8/10
Enjoyment 7/10 
Overall 7/10 

In my opinion is a good addition but it really felt short. I didn't had to wait that much but some people waited 4 years and I am afraid those people were not that happy and were eager for more. I think they should have made a 24 episodes second season like the first.
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