Book Review: Check and Checkmate by Walter M. Miller Jr.

Check and Checkmate Check and Checkmate by Walter M. Miller Jr.
My rating: 5 of 10 stars

It's a great short story - novella?

It's a satire about two isolated superpowers. Imagine that you live in one site of a wall and the other are another super power you don't know nothing about? Imagine now that the level of suspicion and fear is so much that the president has ten doubles and he never show is face around. Authoritarian vs Communist. It was interesting to see the level of paranoia of the USA/Liberty/Authoritarian goverment against an Pan-Russia/Asian Communism... that you know nothing about.

It was nice to see the reactions of both leaders as they tried to talk and at the same time to threat each other. It has a nice twist in the end.

Politics are always fun...

If you want to picture this story, picture north korea... what do you know about them? Almost nothing, now imagining being south korea and knowing nothing about what is happening in the north part of the country and always living in fear that they will attack you... It will consume you... It will turn you to what you most fear...

Small and good... I advice to anyone.

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