Book Review: Crooked House by Agatha Christie

Crooked House Crooked House by Agatha Christie
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

What a excelent story. Well, that's not correct. It sure is one of my favourite if some parts in the book were kind of dull. But it's that kind of novel that makes you wonder who did it because almost all characters had no motives whatsoever.

<<>>> Read at your own peril. I will reveal the culprit... so...

This was one of the few novels that I discover who the culprit was. Even if at the same time I thought Agatha Christie would not have a child do it.

From the beginning as we are introduced to the characters, knowing Agatha Christie novels as I do, I thought Sophia or Josephine would have done it.

Josephine because it seemed the girl knew everything. But at the same time I thought Agatha was trying to make a 12 year old girl smarter than the police. Maybe an ode to Herself (Agatha)

descriptionAt the same time I thought Sofia because she had the most motives but at the same time It's not unusual for Agatha put a character who is trying to find out is the criminal as the criminal.

Some characters are just stereotypes and others are just... there.

Charles our main protagonist, fiance of Sophia at the request of his father and Sophia is trying to find the criminal. Sophia and Josephine are the other two good characters. Besides them each and everyone of them are weak.

Brenda is the young wife, and most to gain, because she is inlove with the tutor Laurence.
Magda is a drama queen (probably a critic to those days actors). Clemency is a cold heart scientist (even if she changes a bit). And some character were there only to fill some gaps like Eaustace, Janet Rowe and the Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard.

The finale was my favourite part. I really wanted to know, if Josephine was the killer, what Agatha Christie would do to her. Enjail her? Killer Her? What?

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