Book Review: Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie

Dumb Witness Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie
My rating:  8 of 10 stars

The first English Agatha Christie book I read (I don't why this one was not published by RBA) and I enjoy greatly. I think that reading in Portuguese are not as good as English. Or I am mistaken and this one is very good book and there's nothing wrong with RBA translations.

This book begins with a third person view of a house with a rich lady and a dog and her spoilt nephews that want her aunts money.

I was interesting to read about Emily Arundell. She was a great strong female character. It's unfortunally that she died... or get murdered. Hmm...

We've got the usual suspects:
Wilhemnina Lawson - Her companion
Niece Bela Tanios - a mother of two children married with a greek (badly seen in the uk, to marry a foreigner)
Theresa - Only want money so she can have all the good things in life and never lifting a finger
Charles - Only want the money to have is debauched life.
Dr Tanios - Married to Bela, wants money to live a better life and be a doctor
Rex Donalson - fiance of Theresa. Wants money to work in his field of science
And Bob, the dog - he just wants his ball.

The next 350 pages is told by the perspective of Captain Hastings as he tells in his own view what Poirot do to solve a mystery. If there are.

Top notch from Christie's mind. Good story with a good ending.

Who was the killer? Maybe it was Bob. All fingers... or claws, point to him!

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