Book Review: Murder in the Mews and Other Stories by Agatha Christie

Murder in the Mews and Other Stories Murder in the Mews and Other Stories by Agatha Christie
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

Now, that's it. That's a good Poirot's stories. I was beginning to get nervous about the average stories I was reading.

Four tales, novellas - all of them with Poirot in the centerpiece.
Murder in the Mews The dead of a woman in her own house. Did she kill herself or was killed. I really enjoy the ending of this story because it suprised me. After all this wasn't our typical story...Spoilers alert, avert your eyes...This wasn't a murder made to look like suicide but a suicide made to look like murder and thereby entrapping the blackmailer. Excelent.

The Incredible Theft This one was was another interesting tale, this time without a murder. This was one of those tales that I found out who was the culprit. She identifies him perfectly. A man with poor sight seeing things others do not? The reason, I didn't know but...

Dead Man's Mirror A eccentric man calls Poirot to help him find out who is robbing him. When Poirot arrives he finds that Sir Gervase Chevenix Gore killed himself. But was that it? Interesting characters, Ruth, Vanda, Hugo, Miss Lingard, Susan and others interesting characters. A good tale. It was difficult to find out who did it. But love is stronger than all.

Triangle at Rhodes A love triangle of some sorts. An holiday of some sorts for Poirot going wrong. There is Valentine Chantry a model and his husband Tony Chantry and in the other hand we've got Douglas Gold and his wife Majorie Gold. Good tale that seems to go one way. Excelent.

Overall, a fresh air one of my favourite writers and characters.

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