Book Review: Shadowsun: The Last of Kiru's Line by Braden Campbell

Shadowsun: The Last of Kiru's Line Shadowsun: The Last of Kiru's Line by Braden Campbell
My rating: 4 of 10 stars

This book, even if interesting setting, after all there are few books written in Tau perspective failed completely.

Bad writing, worse action sequences and unbelieveable plot that went nowhere.

The only good part was Shadowsun life and her struggly to choose legacy versus duty/Tau mentality. I also enjoy the few instances that the writer gave informationa about Tau Society but at the same time I think he should have search a bit better. The incongruencies are also one of those things that make you wanna think How hard the writer researched.

For what I know reading other places about Tau (Fire Caste) and Shadowsun I don't think she and they would behave at times as they did. Quite weak. Maybe for a newcomer to the game it doesn't really matter but to me it does since I consider BL as Canon to GW worlds.

The humans protagonists, even the traitor, are no more than one-dimmension.

Should you read this? Yes if you are a fan of BL or tales about the Tau. If you are just arriving to 40K I would not reccomend this tale. There are better out there.

For the Greater Good.

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