Book Review: The Weight of Blood by David Daglish

The Weight of Blood The Weight of Blood by David Dalglish
My rating: 9 of 10 stars

I really enjoyed this novel. I enjoyed so much that I order through amazon the next four novels of this quintet (not counting with the sixth book that is going to be released because I really don't know if it's a begginning of a new trilogy or stand alone book with the same characters.

This is how dark fantasy novel should be. Weight of Blood is a tale about two brothers, half-orc, half-elf, who don't fit any of those worlds. One of the brothers Qurrah it's a Necromancer and Harruq it's a fighter (he isn't but soon learns how to be).

The brotheres kill a lot (mass murderers), including children. There is also great display of magic (necromancer) and so we really can't put them in the anti-heroes class. They are evil. Qurrah knows he is doing evil deeds and Harruq does the killing for his brother, and he has the power to decline so...

Side-Note: The similiraties with Caramon/Raistlin from Dragonlance are many. Raistlin being a powerful necromancer mage and Caramon a fighter. They both are Twins. One is a evil twisting bastard that do anything to advance in his arts and the other is a faithful brother who do anything for his brother. One of the differences his that Raistlin would never ask for Caramon to kill for him so he could study a corpse but Qurrah would. And Caramon would never do it, and Harruq would. There is also a Crysania Aurelia who enloves goofy Harruq and a powerful mage who helps RaistlinQurrah achieve his true power called Finstandatilus Velixar, but in this case he helps both brothers.

Believe me when I say this is a good book. Similar to some of Warhammer fiction like CL Werner novels life Wulfrik, Palace of the Plague Lord or even the Grey Seer novels.

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