TV SERIES: The Night Manager (2017)

This was a fantastic server.  An adaptation from Le Carré novel it's a story about a night manager turned spy after he witness some woman beaten to death because he sent some confidential papers to someone in the British intelligence. Afterwards that woman is killed by Roper's man.
Roper, Night Manager, Jed, Angela and Corky

The night manager, then retreats to Switzerland, to work there are escape everything. (Btw he is called Pine) but after 4 years a woman called Angela Burr makes him a spy - to avenge Sophia (The woman kileld and to stop a arms dealer).

From this moment on, we follow Pine trying to enter Ropers tight group. There is crossing, double-crossing, love and death. Each episode makes your ass tight as you are eagerly waiting what is going to happen. I must say Roper (Hugh Laurie) is a very very interesting character. Hugh Laurie really outdone himself here.

We travel from Egypt to Switzerland and then to Spain, to Turkey, To Monaco, To Syrian Border and back to Egypt (and lets not forget England). Great scenarios, landscapes. Everything is really perfect. 

There is no waste of time or scenes just to fill the time. Everything is important. This is a series to watch an EP per day to really take advantage of all information you are given. If you watch back to back, which you could, probably your attention and focus will not be ideal. 

Advisable to anyone. 6 hours of pure thrill and drama.

I give this series 10 out 10 - That's how much I enjoy it.
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