Anime Review: Outbreak Company (Fall 2013)

Outbreak Company is anime that took all the tropes in existence and mash them together.

This anime, follows the story of Shinichi as he goes to another world (Isekai) to teach Otaku/Moe culture. Basically Japan discovered a gate to another world and they try to teach Japanese stuff (and they chosen otaku?anime?manga?)

There he meets Myucel an half-elf and Petralka the ruler of the country he is in which will their love interests. There is also Elbia (a werewolf of some sorts) and Minori Koganuma (a JDSF officer) who is not a love interest but wants to see Shinichi and Galious (cousin of Petralka) in some BL (BoysLove) situation.

Well, each episode is basically Shinichi trying to teach something new to Petralka, Myucel and other inhabitants of the fantasy land - from anime to manga, to light-novels and movies. They are very interesting episodes and I really enjoy it. The last two episodes were a bit fast-paced as we learn of why the Japanese Government was trying to expand the Otaku culture to another world (a bit far-fetched BUT plausible).

Interesting is that in some episodes we learn about the world they are like racial problems to culture clashes. We also learn about Shut-in situation in Japan (and how they deal with it)

There are all kind of tropes within - from the breasts and nakedness (never seen anything) to the beach episode most animes have.

In terms of Art I really enjoy it and feel. (the studios) know their stuff. 
In terms of characters - they are given depth and I enjoy learning more about Myucel and Petralka power problems. 
Excelent soundtrak, no doubt about it and the voice over was HILARIOUS. 

Overall I really enjoy the anime and feel. is one of those studios I will look more in the near future. After all they made one of my favourite animes Tsuki ga Kirei which I will make a review in the near future. 

Mayo Chiki, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU and Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! are three animes I will be watching in the near future.


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