TV SERIES: Aftermath - Season 1

This TV Series will never see a second season because well it sucked!

This TV Series tried to hard to get someone new to the genre but fail completely. First of all the characters are very bad written. The twin sisters were probably the best of the show. Really enjoy their connection.

Karen Copeland (US AIR FORCE Female Pilot with fighting skills)
Joshua Copeland a world culture professor
Matt Copeland, the oldest child want to join the peace corps
Dana Copeland (brianna twin sister) aka the smart one
Brianna Copeland (Dana twin sister) aka the famous one

The rest died... they were not that important.

Things I learn after watching this series...
- Demon possession and schizophrenia are a lot alike, so make sure which one it is before you shoot (or call a priest)
- Cellphones will work no matter what. Even after being hit by a EMP from a solar flare!
- You can chase an attacking rabid dog away by squirting them with a hose.
-  If a pyroclastic cloud or hot volcanic ash or a meteor strike is headed your way, hide under a bus or RV because all of that stuff only goes around the sides and never under the vehicle... 
- Eventually realize that every stranger you meet, no matter how nice they seem at first, will 
a) try to kill you, 
b) fall in love with one of your children 
c) die within a few days, 

d) do all three. 

-Whenever scouting for food or checking out a new area, be sure to talk loudly amongst yourselves, never look around and not watch your backs. 
- Teen girls will get back to smiling, joking and fighting with their sister within twenty minutes of their boyfriend dying right in front of them.
- RVs in the Apocalypse get amazing gas mileage.  
- Amish guys weren't made for these end days. 
- An RV that's treated like a tank will show no signs of wear and tear. 
- No training or practice is necessary to become proficient with all manner of firearms. 
- You should use always your aviator glasses (even inside buildings with no light.
- Whenever possible - send your daughter and son in search of a medic and you stay behind kissing, in a place where there are dangerous people.
- Always shoot with your glasses on - it's like night vision!
- With the apocalpyse there is no need to take a bath because your hair never changes.
- 16 Years of Old in the Apocalpyse is the new 21. No law, no problemo...  
- A army mother is okay for a 28 year old guy dating her 16 old mother - CHECK!
- While going on the hospital and asked by a woman with a gun, to let their weapons behind because it spookes the patients you shall always abide...

Damn dumb show...

We've got Dragons; FeverHeads; Plants-tree that grab people, Banshee, Water demons, Mermaids, Jubokko plant, Skinwalkers, Fetch (Shape-shifter or Aswang)

How I watch this show... Example

Episode 6
Sally is dead...
So they are good doers. One wants to get supplies to a camp and the other can't stop being a professor and wants to continue it's research... Who doesn't saw, well, any horror movie? DON'T GET SEPARATED! That's a rule. You just reunite with your daughter, so why go separate ways? Separate the families... SMART. Hitting on a 16 years old, after the apocalpyse, is always right. Why not having sex while stacking for food supplies while your mother and brother can come in at any time?

While Momma's group ran against some female prisoners who were living in the camp; Papa's group ran against a Fetch (Shape-shifter). One of the four prisoners was eaten by a vine.

It's seems Dr Douglas train her shapeshifter. Honestly let's start making out while we are getting search by some prisoners with machines guns. Why not?  So the Momma and son were capture and they end killing all their captors after being lied about them killing Dana - and so, Dana was upset because of her mother's revenge. 

Meanwhile the Amish guy (Devyn) is he posessed by a Skinwalker. But Brianna controls it by loving the guy it seems. The Skinwalker says she won't let him be and so after a fit of rage Devyn controls the skinwalker and commits suicide.

And then, the Rainier volcano explodes..

The apocalpyse is harsh, no doubt about it BUT it seems SyFy is making them even harder.

The Aftermath everything seems harder. Several characters die (althought none of the main characters so far; Van Helsing everyone is a backstabbing son of bitch and most characters died...) The Z Nation everything seems harder now (some fun moments) but I guess someone is going to died by the end of season 3. 

Episode 8
I really don't understand what I am seeing here. I only will continue because I don't like to drop out after 8 episodes and I really hope they can become better. So only 4 or 5 episodes to go...

The father, Brianna, Dana and Matt escape to a bunker but then Dana got separated and father goes outside to get her - when he gives her the breating mask she says...

"I know ash is poisonous but don't want put the mask because it makes me claustrophic" Damn that's hard arguing... And then a dragon appears. 


The special effects are awful. The mountain explodes, there is a pyroclast cloud coming but still there is time to go get Dana, escape a dragon, and so on... It seems the vulcano is not that bad. I thought it was one of the worst ever.

Meanwhile Briana and Matt are inside a bunker debating if they should go out or no... (Correct, suicide is always a way ... out)

Meanwhile Mother was under some rocks and a volcanolist helps her. (Why he was there in the first place beats me). He is going to die I bet. Everyone they meet dies.

Well, how to survive a volcano? Hide under the van. No problemo. And it's over in 40m. No stress. All the ash will be gone and you will be fine.... This is some awful shit.

Final Thoughts
Well fuck me Lucifer and Jesus and all the other mythic christians.. things
Need I say more?
This show sucks in so many levels I cannot say them all. SyFy just said to the world - We don't give a fuck about science and logic - we love chaos! This is some Bizarro god-level shit... no wonder it got cancelled.


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