TV SERIES: Walking Dead - Season 6

The Walking Dead  sixth season was one heck of ride...

Why do you ask? Well first of all the season has some particularities I really enjoy. The first three or four episodes were basically in the same timeline but we follow different characters.

I think two things of this, first was it to have the actors schedule a bit more open to do other things? I mean, some of this actors have been here from the first or second season. Probably some are sick of it. I bet that if they divide the episodes this way some actors could be doing other stuff while waiting for their part? I don't know... I am just wondering.

Basically this season follows the last one. Alexandria has a new threat - a zombie horde, and they must drove them out. At the same time they are attack by a group called the Wolves. The first 6 episodes were basically this. We get to know a bit more of Morgan, Carol, Eugene, Sasha and Abraham. Eugene was the character who most develop in this time.

Meanwhile Alexandria is attack by the Zombie Horde (half of it) and they battle for their lives. All of them. Even Gabriel and Eugene. The battle scene on the 6 episode ( or 8?) was probably one of the best of all times in TV. Awesome. This is how heroes are made.

The last episodes were the brief confrontation against the Saviours while helping a village near the Hill.

In the last episode, dramatic 20m I must say - we get to finally discover who Neegan - and one of our characters dies... Who?

So what's good about this season? 
Well, first of all the transformation of Eugene, Gabriel, Morgan and Carol. They all transform themselves in this season. Eugene who was a scary shit, still can't fight but puts his inteligence to good use. He even battles first in the Siege of the Dead episode and afterwards when they are driving to the Hill to help Maggie.

Then Gabriel - what hated character this one was. I think they were trying to substitute Lori as the most hate character but then saw potential and he changed. He was trying to make Alexandrians banish Rick's party, even inciting a bit of revolting and after that incident he learn the ways of the Rick and changed. In the Siege of the Dead he made his "flock" help Rick battle the undead and afterwards put himself at his mercy. By the last episode of season six he stay behind in Alexandria as temporary Leader. Really enjoy this change. I think most people were.

Carol and Morgan have nothing in common whatsoever. First Carol has no problem killing anyone (she has been considered a psycopath of some sorts - but always with the best interest of the party) - Morgan turn from a blood driven killer (who would kill anyone or anything) to a goddam hippie who vowed never to kill any again... Aikido will do that to you. After Carol left Alexandria because she wanted to change her ways - Morgan followed suit to try to make her come b

ack.  I bet that in the seven season they are changing roles.

Meanwhile Abraham left Rosita to Sasha and they are now together. Maggie is a co-leader of the group and is pregnant. Glenn is more time away than Alexandria and one of the episodes we saw him killed - three episodes later we learn that he was alive after all. I know he dies in season 7. I think the creators were trying to do it but there was a uproar so they brought him back. 

Carl is now a one-eyed man after being shot in the eye. He has a love interest Enid. This season was not his...

Michonne is now in bed with Rick. This season was not theirs. And Daryl Dixon is still a monster of a killer. He is no doubt the most beloved character of the fans and probably will not change. But this season since it had more people the action was divided by them all. Basically Daryl is a bit upset because of him one people died.

A lot of people died but not many Main-characters.
Deanna dies (The former leader of Alexandria, Jessie, Sam and Ron all died. Denise also dies (Denise was the medic from Alexandria who had a love interest with Tara).

Overall a really good season, probably better than some of the previous, all because of that intense battle in siege of the dead and the tense minutes from episode 3 (Gleen fake death) and episode 16 where the cameramen someone abraham died


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