Anime Review: Centaur no Nayami (Summer 2017)

o From: Haoliners Animation League
o Theme: Slice of Life, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural, Seinen

My Opinion
I had hopes for this anime but I remember saying it could go both ways – it went the bad way. Basically in this world  there are no humans because evolution went another way and so centaurs, devils,  angels and other creatures… Interesting it deals with a lot of subjects of nowadays – racism,  education, sex, being parents and so on… there are hints of a controlling government but totally communist in practice. Basically if you say anything that could being intended as racist or prejudiced they would be “lock” away to reformation at a correctional facility. They even go as far to say that  equality is more important than civil rights.

They even give hints of a conflict between the reptilians of Antarctica and the rest of the world. The centaurs nazi, and the frogs people being seen as inferior and turning as a leader of a country? It has some many good things they could explore but alas they did not. They prefer to make it more focus on the girls and their affairs… 

My Advice
As I said, it could have been great but it is not. It’s a school slice of life anime and nothing else. Forgettable…  Average in every way. Watch it at your own peril...

Story (Plot) 5
Art / Animation         5
Sound 5
World Building 5
Character Building 4
Enjoyment 4
Overall   5


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