Anime Review: Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) (Summer 2017)

o Theme: Drama, Romance, School

The connection with Kuzu no Honkai is unmistakable (until you watch the show…)  Basically at 16yo each boy and girl receives a communication from the Government telling them who they will be married to. Yukari loves Misaki and in the same day he confesses to her he receives a letter telling him that he is to be married to Lilina (Ririna). 

In the beginning in felt like it would be one of my top five but the ending made me drop the rating of the show. Each episode we get to know a little better of our three main characters plus Nisaka. I might say that our main character is the worst of them all. 
Basically each episode was about Nejima and his feelings towards both girls and them to him – plus Nisaka (who probably was guy – it was hinted that he kissed Nejima while he was asleep).

Each episode it drag on endlessly and our main character was really a pain in the ass never deciding what do to. I think the problem, of them was the writing…  Mainly Nejima WHAT THE HECK DID THE GIRLS LIKE ABOUT HIM? The interesting part was to understand who Nejima would choose but alas that’s the problem and spoiler alert…

But before that – let me talk about #TeamRirina and #TeamMisaki. They are both perfect examples of clichés – one is a light tsundere and the other is that girl who loved him from childhood. Both characters are masochists and both are idiots.

Now about the main problems – First is that immature of our main characters – they don’t even know how to kiss or even intercourse and they are both 16 after watching a porn movie (made by the government)  And the ending- He didn’t fucking chose anyone. After 12 episodes he didn’t chose anyone and it’s hinted that he kept the two girls. 

In the end, like someone said it’s a “Run-of-the-mill-over dramatized-romance-love-triangle-rectangle-harem-cocktease” – and damn it’s true…. I enjoy the premise that – what to do when your country has low birth rate and even more inexperienced sex people? You make laws to combat that?   But then they didn’t explore anything…

Where's the lies as in the title??

Ending (No Spoilers): Somewhat open ending (read the review) that leave room to a second season BUT I bet it won't have.

Story (Plot) 7(begin) 4 (End)
Art / Animation   8
Sound   5
World Building 5
Character Building 6
Enjoyment 6(begin) 3(End)
Overall   7(begin) 4 (End)


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