Anime Review: Netsuzou Trap (Summer 2017)

Small Opinion Mix with Advice

This anime had 10m per episode and it was more than sufficient for the tale.

This anime has some similarities with Kuzu no Honkai  since it tries to be a more mature approach to love - in this case between two girls. This girls each have a boyfriend but they are old friends and one of them likes to tease the other with kissing and touching (big boobs both) and while the first feels awkward she rarely escapes from it. Not to dwell much on it - but then the second girl discovers she really feels something for the other and so tries to make it happen. 

This anime is 12 episodes with 9/10 minutes each. There are some really interesting scenes that I really enjoy it eheh it's my hentai side. But unfortunately this show doesn't go too far or develop that much.

Ending: You've got a ending but it was all too easy... At least they are really cute and the animation is good. Bearable watchable.

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