Anime Review: Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart (Summer 2017)

Small Opinion Mix with Advice
This tale had one interesting episode. Basically the sixth episode there is no animation - but goats eating grass. Yes - real goats eating grass with voice acting. WHAT?

I cannot even begin to understand why anyone would rate more than 1 or 2 this anime. Probably the goat episode is worth 1 star on it's own.

Basically a cat is really a boy and each episode there are some girls who are from another verse and only one of them has the power to turn the cat into a boy. Basically a pointless anime without any interest. Run from it - Or at least watch episode 6 please. Or is 7? Hmm.. It's the goat episode.

The Ending: 
Who the hell knows? Well supposedly she turns him back before she became alive (yep it makes perfect sense) but he came back naked so she turns him back into a cat. So basically it's an Open Ending?

How in the nine hells is this show worth 5.37 on MAL?  I gave it a one... for the goat.
Btw where is the Ecchi?? I mean... bah
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