Anime Review: Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita (Summer 2017)

Small Opinion Mix with Advice

- This anime is quite bad. Basically it's the story of a man who dresses up as woman. He meets a young teen and basically seduces her. Each episode (4m long) we get to see a bit of nudity and one more sex act.

The art is okay and the nudity is quite good as well. But there is no plot. I really hated the show. Not even the goody parts were that good. I cannot in good faith recommend this to anyone.

Btw, if you were turn on with the blonde then you are gay - because its a boy!

I gave it a 2 (because of the nudity which was done quite nicely but never too "flashy"

Ending: Well he got her so... close ending. 


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