Movie Review: The Believers (1987) October Horror Fest (17)

The Believers is a tale about some kind of perverted christian religion mix with african tribal beliefs. Basically is a religion that is practiced by people from Central America or Africa that involves some spooky symbols and even the sacrifice of animals. Of course that could be seen as Voodoo or other thing and so it was viewed upon in New York. 

Basically this tale is about a psychiatric who is helping policemen and sees involved in some ritual. As he tries to understand more of it his housekeeper also uses some ritual to protect his child but unfortunately he thinks it's bad and so fires her.

A black tribal priest comes to New York and starts killing people (with ritual spells not physical) who are connected to case. There is a final confrontation in the end where we learn that some high society folk are into that kind of rituals to earn more money and success.

Quite good horror / thriller. It's already a cult movie.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Male Protagonist
- Not Nudity
- Not that Happy Ending; It hints that the woman he dates in the end is into the same belief of the killers
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