Movie Review: Circle (2015) October Horror Fest (22)

I watched this movie in Netflix and I really enjoy it.
One of the things I most hated in the process of finding work is that roleplay about if you had to choose one person to live of all the assemble who would you choose? The Pregnant Girl? The Police? The Hooker? The Drug Addict? And so on... The pregnant woman had an advantage like the young girl and the old people had disadvantage...

Well in this case, the movie is with 50 people and they are all in a dark room. Every 2 minutes a person dies. (or if he/she leaves the circle they are in).

From the start we see humanity in it's splendor.  People hide behind laws and morality to say to themselves I am good or something like that. People hide behind racism blaming others to atone to their own sins. Well you can name... In the end we are animals and we will always be. 

If someone made a pool and ask the same question to 50 people if they had to choose between themselves and a child or a pregnant woman how many people would sacrifice themselves? Now, how many really really would do it? Probably not that many, no?

We are savages. If they withdrew food from you for three, four or more days, nobody would be chivalrous or correct... Or at least not all humanity.

Well I diverse myself... The story as I said it's like that, they choose and vote for someone to die. They try not voting, they try  voting all in one single person but someone dies - probably a tie-in...

We've got to meet a lot of people there, a police, a rich guy, a wife-beater, a priest, a pregnant, a child and so on... Sometimes they vote for someone who was fussing; sometimes they vote for old people to give them time, sometimes they vote on black and so on... At half past 20 person left they start debating on who should live and some want the pregnant and/or child to live others do not that social convention and want a try.  Eventually they trim down to blocks and morality, tricks and so on enter the play...

In the end (spoilers) we come to a guy who from the start wanted to save the pregnant and the child. He says that he cannot choose for them and they should choose among themselves - the child says she will sacrifice for the pregnant woman. When the clock was ticking down he urges the girl that they should do in union. The girl sacrifices herself and he quickly votes for the pregnant woman killing her - being the last man standing.

But the weapon charges and since he doesn't vote he and the unborn child of the pregnant woman get a tie and he kills it. He later leaves the spaceship (yeah aliens) and joins a group of people where most of the survivors where children and pregnant woman... (HAREM!!!) Now whats....

That makes me question... if the pregnant woman was alone alive would they make her vote for herself or her unborn child like it happen with the man? 

Interesting movie that will traumatize forever if I go to a interview...

Funny Spoiler Facts
- 50 characters
- No nudity
- Not Happy Ending

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