Movie Review: Flight 7500 - October Horror Fest (6)

Ahh a zombie apocalypse on a plane you would think after watching the first 40m. I thought of Flight of the Living Dead but then it changed... Oh and what a change... Basically they turn into a more Terror movie than Horror/Gore. They could go for a easy approach but they tried to go further beyond. 

For the first 40/45m we are watching the lives of a dozen people. Following their movements and thoughts. Choosing which ones should die or not.  That's what we do. Pick our favorites and hope they survive. 

But after that 40/45m  everything changed. And spoilers ahead....

Basically we follow the group (6/7) after the plane encounter some problems and making them oxygen deprived. The masks come out and afterwards they try to uncover how could a corpse and another passenger disappeared. 

Each character then goes through a revelation of some sorts - one stewardess realized that she couldn't be with the pilot because he would never leave his wife. Another stewardess realized that she didn't love her boyfriend and so on... but afterwards, and many terror perils afterwards they realized that they were already dead. It seems that the plain malfunction and they weren't breathing nothing and everyone died of oxygen deprivation.
This is the most sex you gonna watch on this movie..

Very interesting ending making it a pleasant movie.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Several Main Characters
- Not Good Ending - Everybody dies. But it was not a sad ending.

- No Boobies or nudity whatsoever.


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