Movie Review: Friend Request - Ocotober Horror Fest (4)


his tale is a satyr of some sorts about the internet and social apps and our dependence on them - in this case facebook. A girl befriends another girl (spooky I might say) and from this moment on it's terror every 5m.

This is something we all can relate or at least have heard... That one person we befriend and he or she tries to hard - Trying to replace our current friends even go so far to be jealous when we try to have sometime without him or her? Well this is it. 

But the girl (Marina) is a very psycho - a witch of modern times. One by one her (Laura) friends die. With each dead Laura loses several dozen of her hundreds of friends and she can't unfriend Marina. 

Then half the movie we follow Marina going on a killing spree.

In the last twenty minutes Laura tries to understand Marina and why she is doing and how she is doing that and in a final confrontation Marina kills Laura's best friend and boyfriend.

In the last scene we watch Laura on the school looking at a group of friends like she use to have before meeting Marina. As she closes the facebook and PC we watch her eyes changing colour - the same Marina had hinting that she was possessed by Marina.

Note- Laura is Alycia Debnam-Carey - the actress who plays in the TV Series Fear of Walking Dead and The 100. I think she is a good actress.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Female Protagonist
- Not Good Ending - Everybody dies or become possessed.
- No Boobies


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