Movie Review - From a House on Willow Street (2016) October Horror Fest (11)

This is some spooky horror movie. Talk about bad luck. Kidnapping a possessed girl who will make you darkest dreams come to life.

Basically a group of people (4) kidnap a girl to ask for ransom but it seems the girl had been "kidnap" by someone before - a demon!

We've got to see some videos of how it came to be and the history behind. Most of the movie is how they try to overcome the demon... why am I kidding you? It's a survivor game...

It's interesting but don't expect too much out of it. One of those movies you watch and you forget. One of the worst endings in all the movies I've watch this month.  Deus Ex Machina... The main protagonist  basically turn into a Ripley and killed a demon plus other possessed person whereas at least 10 persons could not. Why? Because the demon who sometimes could even stop bullets but with her could do nothing at all... And that nightmares dreams they should experience ? Yeah they quickly disappear because our protagonist is dumb cold person... or maybe this is crap?!... Yeah

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Female Protagonist
- No Nudity whatsoever
- Crappy Ending - Yeah... (Happy ending?)
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