Movie Review: Get Out (2017) October Horror Fest (12)

This movie starts with a black man being killed or abducted on a suburb (there is no hint to racism or something like that).

Then we follow the story of another black man as he is going to meet his white girlfriend parents. Strange things happen and everything seemed weird. From the black waitress and gardener to other people they meet. After one hour mark things become a bit scarier as everything unfolds. It seems as a neurosurgeon the family can replace their brains with other people. Why black people? Who knows. It's never figure it out but hinted that it has to do with "Dark" situation they are put in.

The ending is shit. Sorry. Didn't enjoy and don't understand all the 100% reviews. Why? Because it was made by a black producer and hints at hidden racism even with liberal people? I know this is a criticism to the liberal who say "I would vote for obama a third time" or "I love tiger woods" and something like that. People who say who are not racism and try a bit too hard to say that... Everyone have said things like (when talking to a black person or other race) "Yeah my best friend is X - he is black) - Why hinting he is black? 
That's camouflage racism. You know there are differences but try a bit too hard.

Enfin - the only reason this movie gets so much high ratings it's because people are racism and so give 5* to say - "Yeah that's true or something like that". Because the movie is NOT that good. It's fine horror that have some comedy relief BUT it's not one of those movies you would advice to other people - unless you wanna say to that people - I am not racist; I even suggest that movie with black actors. Crap! You are racist because you say black actors. They are not black actors - They are actors period.

Sorry for the ramblings. There are also some parts where the black say prejudice stuff against white. There is racism against white you know that don't you?

My thoughts on racism or prejudice. We all said something against fat, skinny, no breast girl, people with glasses, people with different tastes that ours and so on... We are human therefore we are not equal to another human. There are differences between one another. Between blacks, between fat people, between smart people, between gays.. We are humans.  Unless those prejudices controls us it is not wrong to feel things we feel...  I know probably someone is gonna comment calling me a racist or something like that - I don't mind - I know what I am. If it feels better to you calling me that do it... I know I am not a racist. 

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Male Protagonist
- No Nudity
- Happy close black Ending

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