Movie Review: Gui Si - Silk (2016) October Horror Fest (19)

This movie was one of those you watch it and in a couple of months you will still remembered. Basically this guy (a scientist) as device a thing (don't know the name) that could make him see ghosts. So he can prove it he enlists the help of a officer who can read lips - because the ghost only move lips but no words come out... 

We then follow the cop and the rest of team  as they try to discover how that ghost came to be. We also follow the scientist achieve it's hidden agenda - turn himself into a ghost (to become all powerful).

Interesting movie made by Taiwan and Japanese folk. Good horror (The ones we are use to watch in Taiwan and Japanese movies). Advisable to anyone.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Male Protagonist
- Not Nudity 
- Happy Ending 
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