Movie Review: Minutes Past Midnight - October Horror Fest (2)

Well... My boy loves the Jarmies (the cartoon with the stars playing around... so let us hope they don't appear in my house with an axe or something like that...)

Minutes Past Midnight is a collection of short movies made by several directors so basically each one is different from the rest - there no connection to one another (that I see it).

There are only a couple ones that are that  interesting - one about a Funhouse and another about love (twisted love) or even one interesting about the meeting of one grandparents who are cannibals. There are one when your favorite cartoon turns himself into a maniac with a hammer... (this one was not in English)

Everyone loves cannibal granpa...
Well as I said before - there is some interesting ones but most of them were rushed and weak in my humble opinion.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Several short movies so no main character...
- I hope I didn't miss it but there wasn't any nakedness..

- Happy or Not happy ending - that is the question. Most were not happy ending.


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