Movie Review: Pet (2016) October Horror Fest (18)

Pet was one of my favorite shows of this October Horror Fest. Basically we've got this guy who works at some animal clinical and meets a girl who he fancies her. After a while he tries to talk to her and even go further to follow her. He later on kidnaps her and we think that he wants to break her but it seems the girl is not what it seems. The girl kills people and the guy seen her do it so he kidnap her to make her change (and because he loves her).

After a while he becomes carelessness and another guard of the animal shelter/clinical tries to save her and she tricks him and make the guy who kidnap her kill him. After a while he releases her, when she says that he had saved her and she knocks him down.

After some months she is back with her old boyfriend and controlling the urging to kill him. She leaves the house and goes to an abandoned where she abuses the guy who kidnap her before.Basically he let himself be caged so she can vent her stuff onto him so she doesn't kill other people... some twisted love. 

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Male & Female Protagonist
- Not Nudity (maybe in a uncensored version?)
- Happy Ending (?)

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