Movie Review: Raw (2016) October Horror Fest (14)

Raw is a movie about a teenager who wants to be a veterinarian and is going to university. Her sister is already there. Oh btw, she is vegetarian.

As the movie begins they are being target because she is a freshmen. No only her but all freshmen. She is in a room with a gay man.

The movie is really brutal. I must some say that some images really disturbed me. First she coughing up hair. Eating raw meat. Putting a hand inside the ass of a cow and other stuff, womans peeing contest (I kid you not), brazilian waxing gone wrong (DARN!); cannibalism, sipping blood - This movie made me sick! I had to stop to watch at times or skip forward... I was this close to vomit...

The ending is sick man. This movie is weird and from a movie of coming-of-age is not advisable to many people... Well most people to that matter. I bet most people will hate  it and stop watching or vomit themselves.

As I read, this movie belongs to a wave of New Wave Extremity or something like that. Martyrs which I watch last season is one of them. Being one of my favorite

 movies of the year it sick me out....

 One question I ask after watching the movie is why people wanna be a veternarian...

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Female Protagonist
- some boobs; some asses (in the peeing contest); a guy blowing another guy (nothing is seen) except they he is in all four; sex between a girl and a gay man (all of this nudity is not in any way what you could call sexy...)
- Not happy ending at all... (It seems their mother also is a cannibal and her father shows her the bite marks on his torso. Damn! And it seems both their daughters have that gene..

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