Movie Review: Ryde (2016) October Horror Fest (15)

I will never ride Uber :)

This movie is quite straightforward. A woman pick one guy in a bar and want to fuck him so she brings him home. She calls through Ryde (think Uber) and after arriving home he kills her. Afterwards he calls Carl (the Ryde guy) and asks him to take him to his place. He then kills Carl and takes his place. We understand by his questions and talk that he realize that work was quite good for his "hobby".

We then follow "Carl" driving people to places. Sometimes killing and other times don't. Basically everyone that upset him he killed. 

We also follow another character (a woman) that is going to a party with her boyfriend. "Carl" understands that not everything is Ok with the couple. He even fantasize helping her. Later that night he meets with her and tries to drive to another place where he tries to kill her but she got away crashing the car. She awakes at the hospital and tries to recognize "Carl" but says that he is not "Carl" (because it is the real Carl. The movie ends

As I said, straightforward. The killer killed everyone that he thought was being wrong or behaving bad. Per example, he drives 3 girls home, one of them drunk and sleeping. The other two consume drugs and try to have sex with him. He kills the two girls but the other one he puts her to bed without harming her.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Male Protagonist
- Some boobs
- Happy ending? She survives although he was not killed so...


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