Movie Review: The Void (2017) October Horror Fest (16)

The Void is a homage to the Cthulhu Mythos. First of all you've got the setting (a under-staff hospital in the middle of nowhere). Then the feeling of hopelessness that we see throughout the movie.

We've got glimpses of strange monsters (Dark Young? - google it) but the real enemy are men. The feeling of dread is there from the beginning to the end.

Even the ending its what you call Cthulhuesque. Usually the this stories we've got some people trying to wake or summon a strange Elder/Dark God (not Christianity) and by the end of the movie either the feeling of dread continues hinting that the Dark God is coming or it comes. But on this movie our main protagonist who is besiege from all sides sacrifices himself to protect humanity (another "normal" ending).

This is a good tale. Good Mythos tale never hinting who the dark one (could be from Cthulhu to Azatoth)

In the end I was satisfied with the movie making me wanna search other producers tales.

Fun Spoilers Facts
- Male protagonist
- Boobs? Didn't seem them - not in any "beautiful" way
- Ending? He died but stays with his ex-wife reunited in some sort of hell…


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