Plans for November and December

So it's two months for the end of the year and I've got something on my mind... 

I have been delaying watching Marvel and DC shows for a while and I am going to get into them (If not now in January). Since there are 250 each It will take me a while but for now, this next two months I am going to finish watching some of the series I am or stopped watching

Well I am watching reguarly Z Nation, Walking Dead, The Orville, Zapped and Van Helsing. am going to finish:
- Stranger Things 2 (3 eps to go) 
- Day 5 (5 eps to go)
- Black Mirror (3 eps to go) with two more seasons there
- The Librarians (Only watched one ep then stopped... )
- 35-Sai no Koukousei (Japanese series - 5 episodes to go)
-Dead Summer and Braindead (Should I watch them? They were canceled and I hate to watch shows withouht propper ending)
- Doctor Who the original series 224 eps to go...

Now series I am going to try to watch this year or the next - so many good series
Killjoys - 30 Eps
The Man in the High Castle  20 Eps
Mr Robot 32 Eps
The Expanse 26 Eps

Defiance 39 Eps (Already Ended)
Falling Skies 52 Eps (Already Ended)
Dark Matter  39 Eps (Already Ended)

The Tick
The Gifted
The Handmaid's Tale
Marvel Inhumans
Ghost Wars
Evil Things
Channel Zero 
The Exorcist

Of course movies and animes are going to suffer on this... and I am also going to try to read more... I know I've being saying this BUT...

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