Anime Review: Hellsing (Fall 2001)

I somewhat enjoy this anime but overall I must say - it was a boring. Basically we follow Seras Victoria a human turn into a Vampire by a elusive secretive vampire called Alucard (Dracula).

Most episodes have connections between them and have a continuity feeling and so I wouldn't advice to watch separately for full (or not) enjoyment.

As I said most of the episodes we follow either Seras Victoria or the Lady Sir Integra but at the same time it's a show about the villains. 

Alucard, supposedly the main character only appears at particular moments of the episode - only to find myself aghast with the weak character he is. He is so secretive so aloof througought the series that besides episode 9 (we never really know anything about him and even in that episode we don't get that much information).

He is immortal being with no apparent flaws at all since he cannot die - in two episodes he even return from decapitation and total desintigration (only his head remained. Oh and he wins everytime.

A lot of psychadelic effects a some unsanwered questions. In the end it was in my humble opinion a time wasting anime to watch. Should have watch Hellsing Ultimate which focus more on the manga while this one only half the episodes do. The last four eps with the new evil arriving is totally created and not based on the manga.

In the end can I advice it you to watch it? No.
If you want to watch a vampire focus ainme then go Vampire Hunter D.

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