Movie Review: Ringu (1998) October Horror Fest (29)

Ahh Ringu the movie that start it all... Having read the book I watched the movie hoping that it follow the book... the american version did not.

Well, we start by following two BFF talking about a tape one of them saw and at one point one them dies (horribly).

Her aunt is a journalist and starts investigating what had happened and begins to learn more about other people dying with the same thing.

After some time investigating she learns the whereabouts of the tape and watches the movie. Afterwards she returns home with the tape and asks the help to her son's father (Ex husband). She copies the tape and he agrees to watch so he can wait.

Then the movie goes for 40 minutes as they go from one place to another until they learn more about the tape and the monster Sadako. Meanwhile their child watches the tape while staying at the grandfather's. They realizes the final resting place of the woman who started it all and try to uncover th

e secrets. As the 7 days are up she doesn't die and they think they "cure" her. But alas that is not what happened and one day later her ex-husband is kill by the tape.

The movie ends as she makes a new tape and calls her father (possible making him watch the tape on behalf of her child so he don't died - we never watch it but it is implied).

Fun Spoilers Facts
Female Protagonist
No Nudity
Reasonable Happy Ending  (There are sequels)

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