Music Review: Moonspell - 1755

1755 Lisbon Earthquake was the biggest earthquake in the history of Europe in two thousand years. It was felt from Lisbon to Morroco to Ireland and even finland.. It devastated Lisbon but it also killed people in Spain and Morroco. Not only the Earthquake but the Tsunami itself...

Well it was the year 1755 1st of November where catholics had the holy day of All Saint's Day. Basically the eartquake was at 9:40 am so many people where in churches and as the earth tremble many people died in churches and at their homes... The ones that were saved run to the coast because the water receded and people thought it was safe... But unfortunately it was not. A great tidal wave engulf 40m later and many people were lost... Fires broke out throughout the other areas... Peniche, Cascais and so on.. Azores and Madeira were devastated as well..

They've said that 85% of all buildings were destroyed... more than 50,000 people died (there are estimation to 100,000)... Royal Ribeira Palace was destroyed and 70,000 volume royal library was destreoy with hundreds of art paintings... Royal Hospital was consumed by fire and hundreds of patients were burned to death and even our greastest general tomb Nuno Alvares Pereira was lost... There is a place were the ruins was never recovered (some construction so it would fell of course) so people would never forget - to this date it was not recovered - Convent Carmo

With this came despair, the city destroyed, the corpses littered the ground, hunger and diseases... One man rose called Marquis Pombal and he rebuilt Lisbon in the way you know Lisbon (At least the zone of Baixa to Belem  and even to the north of Lisbon.

Well This was the worst of them all BUT there were others One in 1321, one in 1531, this one in 1755 and the last one in 1969. There is an interval of 220/230 on each great earthquake and some people say the one in 1969 was not as powerful... So who knows?

So, basically the CD from Moonspell entitled 1755 is a thematic cd singed in portuguese about 1755. It does not feel like the first Wolfheart or the last one Extinct. It's different... I would even go so far to say it's a mix of genres - some musics the innitial ones are more dark since it tells us ab out the day itself - 1755, Desastre (Disaster) or Abanão (The Shake - Probably the more similar term in english), some musics are more focus on the aftermath and feellings the portuguese felt afterwards (Evento (Event) 1 de Novembro (1st November), Ruinas (Ruins) Todos os Santos (All Hallows Eve) and Lanterna dos Afogados (The Lantern of the Drowned Ones - or The Drowners's Lantern).

So the music turns to more brutal to more dark and melancholic tone..

This Earthquake was one of the main factors for Portugal disappearance from the central stage of the Colonies in America, Africa and Asia. It does not disappeared completely but Portugal was(Is) always a country of people who feel first the negative side of things... we are downers if you will... Just so you understand - a normal person in portuguese if it wants to invite another to go out or something like that it doesn't say -" Wanna go out somewhere?" It says "Don't you want to go out to eat somewhere?" do you understand what I am saying? It's hard to explain to a non-portuguese - it's something you feel and you know...

But it's much more than the earthquake - it's about disasters - about Portugal, Look at Todos os Santos.It could be set in the recent fires of Pedrogão Grande or other tragedies...

Portugal is the country of Saudade - that word that there is no equivalent in Germanic Languages. Portugal has something very remarkable that english don't have... Example - someone dressed up nicely and you want to say that a person is beautiful NOW , you would say "You are beautiful" - Portuguese would say "Tu estás bonita"; but if an english wanted to say that a person is beautiful (everytime) they would say "you are beautiful" and we would say "Tu és bonita"
There isn't a TO BE verb in portuguese - there are too... SER and ESTAR... well but I talk too much sorry

What I wanted to say is - buy the damn CD. It's awesome thematic CD. To english people, yeah it's sang in Portuguese - Get a translator and study some portuguese :D I've read some reviews by american guys and they were awful because they don't even know where is Portugal so how come would they know about our Terramoto of 1755? But heck - if you like history then this CD is a must


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