Review: October Horror Fest 2017

October Horror Fest has come and go and it was good month. Not only did I made the 31 movies but I even surpassed it and even saw some TV Series in the Horror genre (still no reviews)

I am still trying to finish 1922 and Sadako vs Kayako

8 Stars
Ringu ; The Bar; The Babysitter; Circle; Void; Ghost House

7 Stars
Dead Set; Occult; Get Out; Raw; Pet; Silk; Cabin in the Woods, Friend Request; Flight 7500; Ouija: Origin of Evil; The Mummy (the new movie)

6 Stars
The Believers; Rabbit Horror; A Tale of Two Sisters

5 Stars
Here Alone; Let Her Out; Ju-On; Ryde; Minutes After Midnight; Man VS; Dark Song

4 Stars
Viral; Possession

3 Stars
Bed of Dead; From a House on Willow Street; Hatred; Scarecrows; Tonight She Comes

2 Stars
Night of Something Strange; Chrysalis

1 Star
I  am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House 

In terms of main characters, nudity and ending we've got (not counting the ones without reviews)

Female 15
Male 8
Other 8

Yes 10
No 21

Happy 10
Not Happy 14
More or Less 7

Why do I do these October Horror Fest? Well first of all is to watch movies since probably a third of the movies I watch it's from this month alone. And this way I feel obligated to watch them but also because I love watching them BUT it's a strain to watch... Next year I am going to do something different I must say...

If I had to suggest some movies would be Ringu (Great movie from japan); Circle (as a study of human psychological)  and The Bar/Babysitter (because it mixes with comedy and apocalpytical)


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