TV Series: Dead Set (2008) October Horror Fest (31)

Dead Set is a UK TV Series that doesn't try to emulate Walking Dead or Z Nation which is nice change.

Basically we follow a group of people trapped within a house that is host to somekind of Big Brother or such. A Zombie apocalypse is unleashed and they are totally oblivion to it.

From the second episode we follow two groups of people trying to escape, ones trying to get in and others trying to get out.

It's quite interesting the way the characters interact and react to one another. There are a lot tension and each character is flesh out BUT each one is different as the other.

We've got the girl with big tits and only want to be famous, you've got the gay man who basically is a woman, the jockey, the black dude and /or the old pervert man.

Plus we've got the indian guy who is trying to get to his girlfriend who works in the station (but she cheats on him) and we also have the producer who is a Gordon Ramsey 5.0 in terms of language and way he treat persons...

Well predictable (at least the faith of some of them) but the ending was a bit unexpected BUT hardly unrealistic. Zombies are hard to beat BUT running zombies? very hard indeed...

With only 5 episodes running 150m I consider it a big movie and although they could have done a bit better BUT nevertheless a nice addition to the zombie mythos. As I said - it could have be made into 10 episodes dwelling more on the survival and relations between characters BUT this is also fine

Some nudity (The big titty girl) and only 2 or 3 seconds in a mirror. The violence is there with the killing and munching and biting. Awesome stuff.

The movie is also a criticism of "Zombies" in terms of people watching and "devouring" every single program like Big Brother. In 2008 when the hype was up there with half a dozen shows in the same kind. 

Well nevertheless a good show TV Series with a proper ending.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Female Main Protagonist
- Some Nudity (5 or so seconds all combined)
- Not Happy Ending

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