TV SERIES: Future Man (Season 1)

Future Man is a series released by Hulu and what a great series it was.

Hulu is a subscription service like netflix although with far less money. They have released a lot of interesting stories. 

The Path, Chance (on my ToWatchList), Dimension 404 (Also on my ToWatchList, Marvel's Runaways (Also on TWL) and of course the master series The Handmaid's Tale.

As they release more series there are more money so... Some are on my radar Castle Rock (Stephen King Anthology sort of ); Dawn and The Warriors (a new tale of the movie The Warriors from 1979 which I adored).

Well back to the Future Man.

In this series we follow Josh Futturman as he "waste" his life away in his parent's house (Gabe and Diane) and work as a janitor while playing a video game called Bionic Wars that nobody finished. 

When he finish the game two humans appears (Tiger (woman) and Wolf (man)) that say that he is the Savior of the future. Supposedly the game was made to discover a person who could help us change the future - unfortunally nothing is what it seems.

From this moment on it's time travel to time travel to kill Doctor Elias Kronish 'cause he is the destroyer of humanity. 

Every single episode is filled with laughing situations, sexual innuendo and action scenes

Each episode is unique - one focus on James Cameron (after all he is a visionary); or we follow Corey Hart (A singer); Some they twist the rules of time travelling making one instance where Josh almost impregnates his mother Diane.

Tiger and Wolf when they arrive at the past are pure caveman that are born to fight and as the series progress they change. There are a couple of episodes solely focus on them as there are some focus on Josh. In terms of character development this series is a a must to anyone.

In terms of comedy I have to say that most of time I had a smile on my face (episode 9 is one of the most insane/funny episodes ever)

I sincerely would advice this series to anyone who loves Sci-Fi and Comedy with a action inbetween. Great characters and some closure on the overall series. Basically they can make a season 2 but if this ends like this it's also a very nice ending.

A bunch of odds to other series and movies plus books, video-games and memes. 8/10


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