Anime Review: Gamers! (Summer 2017)

Gamers! is another anime that heavily focus on comedy and misunderstanding. Each episode we follow Keita Amano and his new friends Tasuku and his girlfriend Aguri plus Chiaki & Tendou.

Tendou is the most beautiful girl in the school and surprisingly  asks Keita to be part of a Gamers Club but Keita refuses because he doesn't like to play games against other players. He enjoys coop games. Tendou who was never refused by anyone in her life immediately falls for him but he is  not what you can call a people's person. Meanwhile Tasuku wants to help Keita get Tendou forms a group to talk about games and invites Chiaki who immediately dislikes Keita because some stupid game argument.

Meanwhile Tendou and Keita starts dating and Chiaki discovers Keita is her mobile game partner and producer of the game he enjoys. 

From this moment on it's misunderstanding behind misunderstanding that got a little boring I may say. This anime could have been made into a 6/7 episode series. This series could have been better and because it drag on and on I watch the last episodes just hoping it to be over and to know who would he get (Well he had Tendou so you know...)

I can honestly say it's another otaku oriented high school students who enjoy playing video games with a hint of romance inbetween. Don't forget moe and harem...

Amano, our main characters don't understand love period. He think that life happens like visual novels Japanese people enjoy. Uehara points his wrong way. This anime, although probably not meant to do that, it's a criticism on the Otaku way of life presuming that they prefer their 2D world and romance in spite of 3D. This is highly offensive in my opinion. I consider myself an Otaku although I work, have a wife and a child.

What I wanted to say I enjoy the anime BUT I felt a bit offensive about it - although the comedy behind it was good. As I said previously they overused the same situation over and over and over. This anime could have been shortened to 6/7 episodes.

7 Stars 


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